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If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ll want to show support for Sho Dozono—who can really make a difference! 

Sho is all about getting things done . . .

Remember when Sho spearheaded the March for Our Schools to save local teaching positions? He brought in noted technology expert Satya Rangarajan and succeeded in mobilizing 30,000 of us to participate in this fund-raising effort that produced a record-breaking $11 million for our public schools!

Remember the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Torch Relay when people said the City couldn’t afford to have the torch pass through Portland? Sho got the local business community to raise the $20,000 necessary to cover police escorts and other security.  Portland shone with pride, at no additional expense us, the taxpayers.

Remember those dreadful days following the terrorist attacks of 9-11 when the country was frozen with fear? Sho masterminded a civic effort that inspired and organized some 1,000 of us to deliver a personal message of support to New Yorkers and help get our economy moving again.

Remember the 2004 United Way campaign that Sho chaired? Despite a continued sluggish economy and a general nationwide decline in United Way donations, Sho organized a campaign that collected over $16 million!

Remember the devastation of Hurricane Katrina? Sho was one of the key players in the NOLA2PDX hurricane assistance program that helped displaced jazz musicians relocate to Portland and rebuild their lives. Our city has been culturally enriched and diversity enhanced as a result of his efforts.

Remember Sho’s years of service as a civic leader?  He is a past commissioner of the Port of Portland (1989-93), having received a gubernatorial appointment. He was also Chair Emeritus of the Portland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce (2002) and the first minority to chair the Chamber in its 110-year history.  He is a past president (1991-92) of the Portland Oregon Visitors Association (POVA) as well as past chair of the Japan America Society of Oregon (1993-95).  In January of 2004 at a special tribute dinner at the Oregon Convention Center, the Volunteers of America Oregon honored Dozono as the 2004 recipient of the DePreist Award for Excellence, created to recognize individuals who “exceed expectations and whose leadership has helped to build our community, leaving a legacy for our city.”

It’s pretty obvious. Sho is someone who stirs things up to stimulate ideas. He provokes change when change is needed. Sho inspires. Sho energizes. Sho leads.

Portland needs Sho at the helm. Now, let’s show our support for him!


" Does Mr. Sho have any thoughts on how to guide the Cesar E Chavez effort. Mr. Adams did not seem to have a clue about it, even being a resident of the very community where the divisiveness happened. If I can hear some responces on "how to approaches" that use commoin sence / community building I could help. I am also a retired teacher from PPS and facilitate a Latino non-profit organization in the North/N.E. Portland communities. I am currently looking at moving back into Portland. " - Jesus A Estrada
"City hall is overdue for the energy and positive leadership that Sho would bring. Let's go Sho!" - Ron Johnson
"IT'S SHO-TIME! (Thanks to Phil Stanford). Why not put THAT on some Posters & Tee Shirts? Even though I now live in Beaverton about a block from "UWAJIMAYA", I had lived & worked in Portland for over 70 years. The Dance that goes on in the Portland City Hall is a poor excuse for responsible government,and affects everyone in the STATE! I believe that a business man & community leader like SHO could make a real difference by giving some real leadership instead of just studying problems to death. Real community input at City Hall now is a travesty! Congratulations on running for Mayor of Portland, and I'll do my best to get my Portland daughter to vote for you. Sincerely, Bob Roecker (riggerbob)" - Bob Roecker
"I grew up in PDX. I graduated from the U. of Portland.I no longer live there, in large measure, because of the clique that has run the city for so many years. Change is needed now!! Please run! " - Dave Baird
"Im curious about your candidacy and my support will be given to the candidate who knows how to best help the visual arts community (a major potential tourism draw) and education. Adams has made some strides but not everyone is convinced yet that he isnt just promising everybody everything. I'm very clued into the vis arts community and if you'd like to talk and get some feedback I'd be willing to meet."
"Sho Even though I don't live or work in Portland (I moved my office from downtown Portland to Tigard Triangle four months ago after 21 years in Portland), I would appreciate being able to support you for the mayor of the City of Portland. Doug Bomarito" - Doug Bomarito
"Go get 'em Sho! We're all behind you down here in the OC!" - Doug Delanoy
"Karen and I have worked and travelled with Sho for several years and are very excited about the possibility of his running for Mayor. Just do it Sho!! Bill and Karen Early" - Bill and Karen Early
"Sho is one of the most dynamic, innovative, forward-thinking, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-do-it people I know. He would be a great leader for Portland. Emily and I would support him wholeheartedly!" - Ed Harnden
"I believe that Sho would be a very good candidate. If this gets to Sho, "Hello" I used to work at Premier Gateway and I had the pleaseure of meeting him. And he is a very polite and well educated man. So again, "Hello!"" - Kenyatta Trice
"What a great candidate! Experienced, good judgment, a man of character with a long history of serving the city and good relationships with a broad spectrum of the interests that shape our politics. And he has been a success in business and actually understands the city's economic structure. Can we have the election right now?" - John DesCamp
"I've known Sho for many years, and I'm familiar with the Portland area. Sho's drive and determination, as well as his business acumen, are excellent talents he could bring as mayor." - John Townes
"This is great news! Go for it!"
"Go Sho, Go! You have my vote!!!" - DM
"I hope Sho will consider running for Mayor of our fine City, because we need an able, honest, person with both common sense and the capability to see the large picture concerning Portland's future." - Marie D. Zeller
"There isn't enough people in this world like Sho. He is honest, hard working, a leader, and most of all a careing person of all. He deserves all our support." - Tom Turner
"Go ho go!" - Eva Brame
"Sho has proven to be a quality leader in the travel community. It is a natural for him to now give back in this capacity to the City of Portland. It is indicative of his vision, knowledge, creativity, and desire - Portland would be very lucky to have him as the next Mayor. Jack Warshaw, Owner All-Ways Travel/American Express Travel Representative Upland, Ca." - Jack Warshaw
"I went to high school with Sho, and have admired all of the wonderful things he has done. His honesty, integrity, energy makes him stand out in a crowd, and especially amongst politicians. I wish I could vote for him, but I'm a Gresham resident and retired, so I don't work in Portland either. All the best to you Sho!" - Sherri Beardsley Riley
"Commissioner Sam Adams is a good guy. I just happen to like more choices in the race -- especially from a fellow Cleveland High School alumnus such as Sho Dozono. Having a contestant will bring debates that can address issues which would benefit Portlanders. I am excited to see Sho added into the mix. Portland is lucky!"
"As an employee of Azumano Travel, I have been on the receiving end of Sho's insightfulness and generosity. He is a real humanitarian and will make a great mayor. " - Debi Corbitt
"Portland needs a moderate, business oriented individual as mayor to place reasonable controls on the extreme social programs supported by the current mayor and city council. A person that is a leader that will also take a more proactice position on education that includes accountability and fiscal reponsibility as part of the decision-making process. Sho Dozono is that person. Phil Stevens " - Phil Stevens
"For many years Sho has worked quietly and humbly for the betterment of our diverse community. Sho's intelligence, honesty, business expertese, and belief in Basic Rights for all cultures, would give us a mayor we could trust and respect. During the Portland Flight for Freedom trips to New York, Sho, was indisquishable among us. He is a very caring, unassuming, remarkable leader and energizer. Besides all this, Sho has an equally competent and caring woman beside (not behind) him. READ UP ON SHO AND YOU WILL KNOW Who our next mayor would again make us proud of our great city. Pat Towle " - Pat Towle
"I am not a registered Portland voter but I know that Sho would be a most excellent candidate!!!!!" - Patty Reilly
"Love to see it!" - Donald Braden
"I've worked with Sho Dozono for the past five years. Through his leadership and example I have learned and experienced a lot about family, honor, committment, integrity, community and even humility. Sho as Mayor would almost make it worth moving back to Portland. I can't vote, but from God's country, I am willing to do what ever I can do long distance to help him win! " - Rena Harris
"It makes complete sense that Sho, an established and respected leader in the Portland community, takes the next step & run for Mayor. It's an exciting vision, and I support it 100%!! " - Phyllis Hara
"My family has been hoping for someone to come forward with new promise for this city. I believe Sho has the ability to provide the leadership, vision, and strength to get this city back to being the best city in the nation. I am hopeful he "hears" the majority of the people of Portland who are overlooked and dismissed by most of the current leadership... and especially the major opponent for Mayor! I strongly urge your candidacy for Mayor of the City of Portland! We need you! " - Bob Larson
"We need to return fiscal conservatism and responsibility to Portland City Government and take it out of the hands of special interest groups. If you are the man to do it, you will have my vote because I will not vote for any of the current prospective candidates for mayor (or city council for that matter). "
"Go for it!!!!" - Bridget Bayer
"Sho - you are an excellant candidate for Mayor and someone I would be proud to support. Let me know where you might benefit from my assistance." - Christee Sweeney
"Sho, your commitment and successes in the Portland community have left a HUGE footprint!! Thousands are now encouraging you to take your leadership skills and integrity to the highest office of the city ... go for it! "Mayor Sho Dozono" ... hmmmm ... has a nice ring to it! " - Bob Housley
"For the benefit of all Portland it is a MUST that Sho Dozono be our next mayor. "THE SHO MUST GO ON" for mayor that is." - Norman K. Zeller
"Please run!!" - Carol Humpage
"Highly competent, innovative, experienced, and with a strong commitment to the community and public service, Sho's proven, effective leadership and private management skill is what the City of Portland is looking for and needs." - Elizabeth Playfair
" would nice to see an experienced business person who knows Portland from living here for years to meet our city's needs and growth, not a personal agenda or what they think we need. Fresh business ideas. " - Maggie Jarman
"Sho, I think you would make a great mayor." - Warren Oster
"This is fabulous news!! I will truly encourage everyone that believes in positive change and believes in someone that is prolific, has integrity, honor, a great family and pride for Portland and its citizens, and specifially knows that action speaks louder than words should support Sho Dozono. I will encourage everyone in all the various organizations and groups that I'm a member of to support Sho (and that's a large circle)!! What a breath of fresh air." - Deena Pierott
"We need a leader with a new strategy. One who will not allow bureaucracy to prevent him from helping the citizens of this WONDERFUL CITY! MAKE US PROUD SHO!" - Daniel Capuia
"Seeing Sho's tremendous support for causes that benefit Portlanders, Oregonians, Americans and the many people he has impacted through Mercy Corps is a great indicator of the kind of heart Sho Dozono has for mankind. Seeing him successfully navigate Azumano Travel through the technology revolution and maintain a great level of service to his employees, customers and this city demonstrates that he has a deep understanding of finances and transition. Sho, join the race for Mayor! " - David Austin
"Go Sho!" - Paul and Alice Meyer
"Over the years, Sho has clearly demonstrated his outstanding leadership ability and skills. His wide-ranging experience and service as a civic leader and businessman easily qualifies him for the mayoral position. I'm sure the city of Portland would benefit greatly with Sho as the next mayor." - Rich Iwasaki
"Sho Knows Portland! Local leadership, dedication to our community, a vision for the bright future of Portland..WE NEED SHO." - Alexandra Sannen
"Sho would do an outstanding job as Mayor of Portland. He is a person who leads by example. He a person of high moral character who can be depended upon to represent all the people of the city. I would strongly support him as a canadate and as mayor! Jim Robb" - Jim Robb
"Portland needs a Mayor with the vision, business experience and community involvement that Sho continues to demostrate " - Patrick Sweeney
"We need a competitive race to get the best Mayor for our great city. Please run!" - Diane Goodwin
"We support Sho 100% and will do all we can to help." - Glen Carol Kazahaya
"This guy knows how to sell Portland (and Oregon)!! A solid businessman, but also a real local citizen. A great mayor. John Frewing/Gayle Kauffman" - John Frewing/Gayle Kauffman
"I trust Sho Dozono to be our next mayor. He is smart, thoughtful, inclusive and kind. He knows Portland, and he knows Portlanders. Sho, just tell me when and where, and I will gladly be one of your many foot soldiers!" - Karin Hansen
"You've got my support. Something about Sam that doesn't smell right. You have a better business sense than Sam has. You've made payroll, crunched numbers, and have the maturity Sam doesn't have. And I don't think you have filed for bankrupty..Right? I'll Sho you the money if you sho me a different plan." - jonathan farmer
"We need Mr. Dozono to run for Mayor of Portland. We need to have a choice other than Sam Adams. Where can I send a donation? Ed Faison " - Edward K Faison
"A mature, caring, experienced and energetic community leader - Portland needs Sho for mayor." - John
"Go Sho! We need a Mayor that listens to all communities, is a man of integrity, and knows how to create jobs in a competitive economic business climate! " - Amber Ontiveros
"I would love to see a business man be in the mayor's office. We have suffered too long with the misuse of public funds and are not focusing on the real problems in the city such transportation (more roads), streamlining public services, & illegal immigration. Too much time and mone are spent on bike lanes, adding new taxes and fees, public transportation that is essentially free to riders that are not checked, and putting more restrictions on land use." - Doug Miller
"Sho Dozono has proven himself to be a leader. We need a real race and debate about who we want for the next mayor." - Linda McDonnell
"I truly hope that Sho will give it a GO!! We need a man who knows how to run a business--not a lifelong beaurocrat who has been at the public trough all his adult life and caters to self-seving special interest groups rather than the whole of the city of Portland.--GO SHO GO!!" - Jeff and Dawn Miller
"Sho's candidacy would add broader dimensions to the public dialogue. He is known by and respected by people of diverse professional, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. " - June Schumann
"Portland would be lucky to have you. " - Don Smith
" We need a person who will listen to the people and together with the council, make common sense decisions. Someone who shows leadership and will work to again make this a City we can be proud of. Go for it Sho !!!" - Betty & Terry Talbot
"I remember the generous support and facilities donated by Sho during the Foundation drive in 96 and would welcome him as a representive for Portland as Mayor." - Ralph Chantry
"Sho & I first met at Cleveland High School on the wrestling team -- he was the respected senior champion and I was the greenest frosh on the team coached by the legendary Don York. We have since worked together to support Portland schools and progressive candidates. Go Sho!" - Dick Springer
"Fo Sho!" - Kevin Moyer
"You can count on my support." - Ben Wood
"You go Sho!!! " - Desari Strader
"After nearly 30 years...Integrity, Trust, Unpretentious, Generous, Compassionate, Leader, instantly come to mind. Always enthusiastic, and proud citizen when discussions focus on the virtues of Portland, and Oregon. Dedicated to Family, Community Service/Green Environment, and Portland Business, I can't imagine a more qualified candidate for Mayor of Portland than Sho Dozono. Game On! G. Jones " - gary jones
"Sho Dozono would make an excellent mayor. His business acumen combined with a long history of civic engagement is exactly what Portland needs to move forward as a prosperous city that is responsive to the needs of its diverse communities. It would be wonderful to have a candidate that affirms that Portland is a city where all cultures and communities have a role to play in the future of the city." - Midge Purcell
"Portland would be well served by Sho, a man who has leads by example. Although we live out of town we'll lend our support in anyway. Sho, he's the real deal. Leslie Hara Shick" - Leslie Hara Shick
"Go Sho!!!!" - Peter S Ravagni
"Sho would be great!" - craigcooley
"Go Sho" - Leigh Johnson
"If you put together some information about how Sho wold have voted on past pet projects at City Hall that would help me decide if I can support him. His feelings on choo choo's, bathrooms for the homeless and betraying our Country by being a sanctuary city would be a good start. Thanks for the info. Tim Sepich"
"I got my start in the travel business and owe my success and longevity in the Business to Sho. He was a Great mentor to myself and many many other people over the years. Portland would be very lucky to have a leader like Sho! I no longer live in Portland and cannot vote but will definitely spread the word to Friends and Family who are able to Vote. - Patty Horst " - Patty Horst
"Sho as Mayor is exactly what Portland needs! He's always thought about and put "Portland, Oregon" first. He's a community-minded business leader that has a long history of bringing people together to get positive things done. He's not a career politician that talks about ideas; Sho acts and accomplishes his vision. Let's get the SHO started!" - John Kodachi
"From every story Ive ever read about sho ,interveiws, assorted media attention, he is the kind of person portland could use in a role of leadership. His causes are numerous he creates a meaningful impact and change has direction ,tenacity and integrity. I will be happy to support this candidate" - patty kovach
"Although my home was incorporated into the City of Beaverton instead of Portland (which I would have preferred), I support Sho for Major of Portland all the way. He is definitely the one who could lead Portland forward. " - Roger Miyaji
"Sho, if you do half as good a job as the political leader of the City of Portland as you've done at everything else you've committed to, we'd be way ahead of where we are now. You can count on my support." - Jim Meyer
"Let me know how I can help" - Scott Hannigan
"We are currently living in Spain until July, 2008 and are unavailable but definitely support Sho's run for mayor. " - laurie crossman
"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Sho during my tenure at the metropolican Human relations commission in the early 80's. He has my support and my vote..Portland needs a Mayor like Sho -- When do we get started? " - Roberto Reyes-Colon
"I sure hope you sock it to Sam Adams" - James Posey
"We need a change from what we have now. New ideas! We also need to keep portlander's in Portland. I've heard people getting ready to move elsewhere. As a homeowner for 35 years I'm also worried about the priorties of our present leaders ( Portland) " - lou ann eschete
"Let the Dozono dynasty reign over Portland!" - Kendall
"We support your bid for Mayor."
"I think Sho would make a great mayor. Go Sho!!!"
"Could we possibly have a Flight for Freedom organizer and FFF participant going head-to-head?? I think either and both of you would be superb! Bob D" - Robert Dreisin
"You have our support!"
"We need Sho's enthusiasm and common sense in our City's leadership. I've had the honor of working with Sho at the Chamber of Commerce when he was Board Chair. He understands what it takes to bring people from diverse sectors together to accomplish difficult goals. He is just what this city needs! " - Carole Gutierrez
"Just when it looked as though the professional politician would be unopposed, along comes a much needed breath of fresh air. Thank you Sho for giving Portland a real choice." - Mike Smith
"Sho's the man for Portland City Hall! He is a leader for change and he can make it happen, with open dialogue and balanced leadership. Although I don't live in the city, what I will say is.."Go For It, Sho" and to the residents of Portland.."Support and Vote for Sho"!" - Dawn Baker
"Although Dave and I live in unincorporated Washington county and cannot cast our ballot for you we can support you with our time and energy! We do consider ourselves Portlanders and we are affected by all that happens at City Hall. We are impressed by all that you have accomplished for 'our' great city. The community is in need of your vision and leadership....Go for it!" - Sue McClung
"Run to win!" - Bill Lyons
"You are someone who I believe can be a wonderful leader of our city, which I love. I do not believe Sam Adams fits that category in any way and I am so happy that you are considering running for Mayor. Please keep an open mind and realize that there are MANY people in this city who do not believe that Sam Adams would be good for Portland and are looking for another leader to appear. From fairly first hand knowledge I know that being Mayor is a tough job, that it is "news" to take a contrary view of what the standing Mayor chooses as their agenda, and as such it can be a thankless job, but this is a great city and I appreciate all that you have done to make this City what it is today. You have put in a great deal of your own personal time, unlike Sam, who arrives, is photographed, and leaves w/o doing a damn thing for whatever photo-op he's arrived for. I know this is something you have undoubtedly heard ad nauseum. I believe you are a good man. I know Tom Potter is a good man. I know Sam is not what this City needs. Sam is 100% politician, Portland is unique ( I want to believe) I don't want my city run by the politics and politicians I've seen. PLEASE give this your most serious consideration. "
"I was thrilled to see this possibility in the Oregonian this morning, and even though I cannot vote, I can't imagine a better candidate. I attended the second Freedom Flight and was so impressed with the Dozono Family. .4m532" - mary Lee Marshall`
"Please run Sho, you will bring important issues that will increase the dialogue. You have the outside perspective we need right now. "
"Sho Dozono made a lasting impression on me 34 years ago as my professor at PSU. He taught a Japanese language class that was one of my favorites because of the friendly way he dedicated himself to the teaching and to the students. His success in business and civic activities since then have come as no surprise. I believe Sho Dozono would be a great mayor." - DAVE GIBSON
"Run Sho run! We need a real alternative to Sam Adams. Someone with business sense and common sense at City Hall. I would be very glad to offer my full support. "
"Finally a candidate to truly vote FOR, rather than just using to vote against someone else." - Karen
"I've been hoping to see you go for it, Sho! Thank you for coming to our rescue!" - Jay Haight
"We're behind you, Sho, 100%! " - Jill Mohr & Clayton Mohr
"I have faith and confidence that Sho Dozono would make an excellent mayor for the city of Portland. His ongoing commitment to the community and his strong family values reflect those very traits we all desire and wish for in a leader." - David
"Have heard positive things about Sho...please go for it!!" - mary cashman
"Most excited that I have been about Portland politics in years (decades?). " - E. Ted Seitz
"Do it Do it Do it!!!!" - Leroy C. Tittle
"Absolutely! I'm strongly in favor of a mayor whose creativity and leadership don't begin and end with more new taxes. We need someone who understand the needs of small and emerging businesses and Sam et al. certainly don't have that. We need someone who understands the need for accountability in the real world. There are far too many city bureaucrats, Sam at the top of the pack, who run after the latest gimmick in planning and social engineering without understanding the daily needs of working families and small businesses. I'm happy to hear Sho is considering running and hope he does!" - Rick Fernandez
"You can beat Sam Adams. We need new blood in city hall.Go for it" - barbara anderson
"Way to go! Show them your great capacity of both Kaizen and KaiKaku. The City of Portland needs you."
"As an employee of Sho's for almost 23 years, his involvement in the community, especially his commitment to the schools and education in general and our companies involvement in HIV/Aids awareness and education has allowed me to be more involved in causes I feel important and has made me a better parent, not being afraid to roll up my sleeves and getting involved in my children’s education. " - Rick D. Love
"Competition & dialogue are important. This should not be a one man race. Nor, should a certain city commissioner be a forgone conclusion as the next mayor!"
"I've known Sho and his wonderful family for many years. If there is any one person that has shown an unabashed love for Portland time and again, through his many selfless civic activities, it's Sho. I can't think of a better individual who has the unique combination of business sense, passion, vision and true leadership capability. Sho, more than anyone I know, understands the power of concensus building. With that, he's not afraid of making tough decisions and standing by them when needed. GO SHO!"
"I would love to see your name on the ballot. Real experience, Portland Values, someone we already respect!" - Holly Inouye Shilling
"Sho has always been a wonderful supporter for Carnival Cruise Line we support him 100% in anything he chooses to do." - Kelly Balfour
"Thanks for stepping up to say it is no longer acceptable to be businesss (Or business unfriendly) as usual, and the laughingstock of the nation according to Doonsbury as Portland City Council and Mayor have shown over the last few years. Anyone but Sam Adams - real choices = real change. No more trams to serve a few, but more public safety, education, and community-based programs like the Multnomah Neighborhood Association to make Portland a great place to live, not just a tourist destination for foodies. Good business climate + good education + safe streets = great place to be - look at west side business alliance as an example of partnership, not pandering to vocal special interest groups. I want my children to return to Portland after college to raise their families, and not just make jokes about it because of the truly stupid things we do in the name of our civic leaders and their monuments. The people of Portland are looking for a leader who is willing to take risks, listen, and act in the best interest of all citizens not just the vocal minority. Project manager by trade, willing to help with organization activities - not phone calling."
"Having known Sho for almost 20 years, I can honestly tell you that he inspires one to reach their full potential. Whether it's an individual, organization, neighborhood or community. Nobody is excluded and everyone gains. " - Howard Lewis
"I think that Sho would make an excellent candidate, and, more importantly, an excellent mayor. Best wishes."
"Your friend Danelle Romain asked me to check out this campaign to see if I can get behind it. I value Danelle's judgement and after reading about Sho, he is going to get my vote." - Jake
"It is about time to bring fiscal responsibility to corrupt Portland politics. The leadership now has never had private sector jobs, therefore do not understand the free market concept or the idea that there is a finite resource in taxes. Send Sam into his first real job...that of high paid consultant to one of his developer friends!" - Bob Johnson
"Everything that happens in the City of Portland affects outlying areas. I 100% xupport Sho as the next Mayor of Portland." - charles cannon
"Yes!!! Sho Dozono for mayor!!!" - Toyomi Yoshida
"I think Portland needs someone who can and will speak for our entire community. Portland is made up of a very diverse community, we need to unite and celebrate our different communities and cultures within Portland. I think Sho is the perfect person to do this. If he runs I will back him and do whatever I can to help him become Portlands next Mayor. Shalom Sam Sachs" - Sam Sachs
"Good deal--we have a real choice in Nov. 08."
"Let me know how I can be of help to Sho in his campaing for mayor! Go Sho!" - Sarah Smith
"Portland needs a community leader like Sho who understands and demonstrates civic duty and civil rights." - Jeff Selby
"I think the time is right for a person outside the current "circle" to be elected. Go Sho!!" - Dustin Miller
"If Sho supports Major League Baseball coming to Portland, I would consider supporting him. Gambate Kudasai! I would need to know more about him before I am listed a supporter."
"I'd like to see a mayor with business experience in the private sector, a change from the string of career government folks we've had. I also appreciate all that Sho has done for the city and especially for minority communitites." - Mark Magnuson
"It's always great to see Asian American running for public office!" - Greg
"Having worked with Sho for 18 years until my retirement, I know what kind of leader he is. Sho has what I would call "vision". He thinks outside the box. He also allows others to do likewise and will back them to get the job done. I really think he has what Portland needs and would do an outstanding job. " - Shirley Reeves CTC
"Let's Get It On!!!!!" - Sean Egusa
"It's been my privilege to see Sho in action numerous times since he led us to New York in the wake of 9/11, Thailand after the tsunami, and New Orleans after Katrina. I have seldom been personal witness to someone who both cares so much about his community and is aware of its needs. I think Sho would make a terrific leader for Portland." - Patty Richardson
"Way to go Sho! I heard the rumor a couple of days ago and am thrilled that it is true. One piece of advice: I hope you run with public financing, so that you can be the populist candidate. Otherwise, you may get tarred as the "business" candidate. Never good in Portland. Either way, I am happy to support you. Jim Kelly Rejuvenation Inc." - Jim Kelly
"I have had the opportunity to get to know and work on projects with Sho Dozono and his amazing family over the past six years. He is a person of vision and integrity, and I think he would make a wonderful, wonderful Mayor of Portland." - Sarah Bott
"PLEASE, PLEASE run for mayor Mr. Dozono!! The city of Portland needs you. Most importantnly, you have been a man of integrity, displayed genuine interest in th ewelfare of ALL communities in Portland and your keen attention to TRUE collaboration is essential and a MUCH needed example for young minorities of color. Please give us the Portland we all continue to dream of!!! Get the SHO STARTED-PLEASE!!!!"
"I would love to see Sho run for mayor. The City of Portland would be lucky to have someone like Sho who has dedicated the majority of his life to the community bring his business savy as well as his heart to town hall. Best of luck -kirk" - Kirk Tambara
"I would welcome the chance to support Sho...and his mayoral run. Go for it, Sho!"
"Sho will make a great mayor for Portland. My only regret is that I am not a voting resident of Portland but I am willing to support Sho in whatever way I can. I will pass on this information to my friends in Portland." - Fred Bursch
"Sho: We will support you all the way! FYI-- I spoke with Joe Weston and various business people on Friday...they will support/help fund your campaign. If you would like to join us at our Breakfast meeting the next one is January 11th, MAC Club at 7:00 a.m. However, Mr. Weston expressed concerned that you are losing valuable time and strategy if you do not declare your participation soon. I hope I am passing helpful information to you. Best Regards, Marilyn " - Marilyn Loy
"Sho Dozono is an excellent mayoral candidate for the following reasons: 1. Exceptional business accumen 2. Outstanding history of community involvement and philanthropy, both within Portland as well as internationally 3. High standard of personal conduct and integrity/honesty 4. Love for the people of Portland, and Oregon I have worked with Sho professionally for 5 years, during which he has provided valued leadership within the American Express culture, understanding the need for judicial decision making, cost effectiveness, and addressing needs of gainful employment, community outreach and balance of dedicated resources. I heartily support Sho not only for mayor, but govenor, when the time arises. Sincerely, Karen Parisi American Express Establishment Services Northern California" - Karen Parisi
"Every where I look when it comes to the City of Portland, up pops the name of Sho Dozono in support of important civic activities. He is already the "mayor in spirit" and I would work tirelessly to make him the next Mayor of Portland in fact. " - Peter Ayers
"Go for it Sho! " - Pam MacLennan
"Sho has the right combination of heart, smarts, people savvy, energy, connectedness, and love for this city and this country that makes for the best civic leader we could hope for. He will lead us better than anyone could, and I am willing to work extremely hard for him." - Chris Helmer
"I would love to see Sho run. I will forward this message to others."
"Sho, I would definitely support your run for mayor. I was born and raised in Portland, but it wasn’t until I started working for you that I stepped up and became involved in the community. You have taught me the true meaning of giving back. I think you are a great leader!" - Tina Harmon
"Being from the Travel Community of the Portland Metro Area for over 25 years, it has always been good to know that Sho has always been promoting Oregon. We need Sho's leadership that he can and will take to task the over spending out of touch current leadership in Portland. " - Nancy Layne
"I will contribute for this refreshing chance at new leadership in Portland."
"I think Sho would be the best mayor Portland could have. He is a visionary and has an inner strength that cannot be matched but it is a long "walk" and I also stop and think of his loved ones as life will not the same any more... Politics for some reason is not always pretty!! If Sho runs he has our support " - Annie & Josiah Meyer
"Sho.. I worked in Portland from 1971 to 1989 and witnessed the impact that a healthy Portland had on the entire State of Oregon. I think that I have been aware of most of your efforts to give back to our City..your tireless efforts to make everything about Portland .. better. Your ideas and your support have had an enormous impact on so many lives.. you have always been thought of in the best light and I encourage you to push ahead... I would be delighted in voting for you if I lived in Portland. Larry Walker" - Larry Walker
"Would like to contribute to Sho's campaign if he will run for Mayor. sam Adams needs to be stopped ASAP. " - Dave Abel
"I have worked with Sho Dozono on community outreach projects on many occasions over the past 7 years and have found him to be a real leader, as well as an internationally respected representative of Portland. I've been hoping he'd run for mayor for years!" - Diane Durston
"I would volunteer to work for the campaign also. Especially any needed web work or writing." - Laurie Drew
"IT'S SHO TIME!!!" - stephen sasser
"I support Sho 100% and Portland would be very fortunate to have such an amazing individual as our major." - Annie Chen
"I have the highest confidence that Sho would make a good mayor and manager in view of the fact that he increased the staff of Azumano Travel Service from 15 to 250 employees since I retired from the business in 1987 and turned over the business to him. George Azumano" - George I. Azumano
"Sounds like a great idea, go for it." - Kim and Duane Crabtree
"Sho has truly been an inspirational and dedicated leader in and around the Portland area for many years. I encourage Portland's citizenry to support Sho if he decides to run for mayor of Portland. Sho your support, the Sho must go on." - Ned Helzer
"Go for it Sho! Carol" - Carol Boyd Juckeland
"I'm all for Sho being elected Mayor of Portland. " - Scot Nakagawa
"Having worked with Sho for 25+ years, I know very well the passion he truly feels for this city. Strong leadership, a vision for Portland and the passion to get it done would make Sho an excellent leader of our city. Go Sho!" - William Harmon
"Absolutely, 100 % behind this nobly professional man! I look forward to hearing how I can help from here to assist this effort. I sitll have many contacts in Portland having lived and worked there for 13 years. I am also willing to come to Portland on the weekends that I can and work behind the scenes in any task you give me. GO SHO!" - Claudia Sayles
"Sho has been one of Portland's most effective advocates for our schools. He brings exceptional experience in business, social services and civic engagement. Sho is a bridge builder and effective leader." - Peter Hamilton
"Same old special interests....same old useless politicians...and no-one representing the great nieghborhoods of Portland that make Portland the remarkable town that it is.....I'm behind Sho...Bob Buragn" - Bob Burgan
"Even the Pixies support Sho!! Seriously, Sho would be a terrific Mayor. I have known and respected Sho since our freshman year at Cleveland High School. He is a terrific organizer and leader, and well liked by everybody. I cannot think of a better candidate." - Bill Alberger
"Go get em Sho." - Terry D. Wiesner
"Portland needs new leadership and Sho is the right person to be our next mayor!" - Odis Avritt
"It would be wonderful to again have the pride that comes from everyone, no matter what sector they represent, working together for the good of all. So let us hope,that Sho will do what he has done so many times in the past..just show up and get the job done! sharon" - sharon elmaleh
"" - rodney smith
" Sho Dozono is a perfect candidate for Mayor, he has done much for the community, he needs to be recognized for his ongoing efforts to promote and support the city of Portland." - Jennifer McLeod
" Our city needs you! Please run for mayor of our great city. We need someone with your leadership skills and experience to make the city business friendly and continue to be livable. " - Jin Huang
"Just the idea that Sho is considering running brings a refreshing light to the room. Regardless of the opposition, I am wholeheatedly encouraged to hear someone of this caliber and Portland history of service is standing up to take on the current entrenched institution. Sho, please give us an opportunity to support you in shaking up a syatem that needs a little shaking. Greg Burnett" - Greg Burnett
"I have seen Sho in action, and have learned valuable lessons from his actions. It is refreshing to see a successful business man that truly cares about people, and is genuine in his efforts to help. It would be nice to have a person with Sho’s drive and ability to achieve monumental tasks lead Portland forward." - Chris W.
"Sho would make an amazing mayor!" - Jennifer Harry
"Sho is a good man. He has already done so much for this city. I am confident as mayor he would continue to support kids and education, which are important issues to my family. " - Doug Parrott
"Sho has been a truly amazing father, mentor, and teacher of personal, work, and community ethics. He would be the next People's Mayor of Portland and work his hardest to make Portland the best city for everyone. He is honest, fair, hard working, and has a heart of gold. LET'S START THE SHO!!!!! Kristen Dozono" - Kristen Dozono
"Sho is a guy who really cares." - Jeff Rule
"It's refreshing to see a local, small business owner and advocate step up to the plate. It's time to get someone in there who knows and thinks about the people who are affected by his/her decisions." - Joseph
"We need someone with real life experience in City Hall. Go for it! "
"I am pleased that Sho is considering a run for Mayor of Portland. Another significant candidate is a huge plus! " - Nancy